Gills keeper talks following cup exit...

Gills keeper Tommy Forecast says it was a special occasion for him to play in the FA Cup against Preston on Saturday and will keep working hard to earn further first team opportunities.

Forecast played his second game for the club on Saturday at Deepdale due to Stuart Nelson being suspended following his dismissal at Accrington, and the on-loan keeper says he needs to be ready when called upon.

Speaking after the weekend’s defeat he said: “Coming here today it felt good to play 90 minutes, get a game under your belt here at Preston which is a big game for us and in the FA Cup made it even more special.

“It's disappointing to come away with a loss but we worked hard and gave them a good match and there was a spell ion the second half when we had a chance to get back in to it, we never took it but that’s the name of the game.

“When Stuart was sent off last week I came on for the last 20 minutes and it was freezing cold but I had to stay warm and we got the draw, it could have gone their way but you have to be ready and alert and take your chances when it happens.”

Nelson has started every league game this season which has limited Forecast to appearances in cup competitions, but he says he has to remain professional and support Stuart when he is playing.

He added: “It’s difficult but it’s the name of the game and you have to be professional. Me and Stuart have a good relationship and he’s done well along with the team so there are no complaints on that part.

“It’s just good to be part of a team that is being successful and working hard together.

“You have to be a strong character when you are not playing regularly and when you are in you have to forget the fact you haven’t played in a while, you just have to get on with it and enjoy it.

“It’s a great place to be at the moment and I’m enjoying my time here and its working well. We are top of the league and hopefully that continues until the end of the season.

“When you’re a keeper growing up you learn to adapt to that situation knowing there is only one spot for you to play but we all have a good relationship, we enjoy working together during the week and Stuart’s been doing well so you can’t fault him.

“You treat people how you want to be treated. I give Stuart my full backing and when I’m playing he gives me his backing so it’s just one of those things.”