Gills Manager says team must stick together....

Martin Allen says that everyone at the club will have to get used to being top of the league, and admits it’s a new experience for many members of the team.
The Gills are in decent form of late having lost just once in their previous four outings, and the draw against Fleetwood on Saturday at MEMS Priestfield helped to maintain their five point lead at the top of the league table.
Speaking after the game at the weekend he said:
“The players have to get used to it – it’s a different feeling being top of the league and everyone is talking about it all the time.
“We don’t but we are getting national coverage, numerous interviews with national media about being top of the league.
“Me included it’s different and its new but you have to cope with it because everyone who is playing us is taking on the best team in the league, that’s how it is and fair play to all of the players.
“They bounce back, they fight back and the second half with the atmosphere was pretty magic and it’s a nice feeling.”
The addition of Myles Weston after the break made a huge difference with the sub scoring the equaliser, and Martin was pleased for the winger who has been a popular signing with the fans.
He said: “We have all these players available and match winners on the bench. They are all good players and it worked, he did make a difference but the whole team went up a gear and showed the home crowd what we can do.
“It is and that’s testimony to what we are all doing with the players, staff and the supporters – it’s everyone together and we are pretty strong. If you get a point it’s a good point and it’s another one towards our total and together we stand.
“He’s been a fantastic signing and perhaps it’s been a bit harsh on him that he’s not played as many games recently. I’m delighted for him, he’s been fantastic in training and all of the supporters love him don’t they?
“I love it when I see his teeth, when I see those I know he’s on fire. He doesn’t feel pressure, he’s excited, he’s a match winner and he’s got talent. When we play at home we need to look at getting him in the 11.
“It’s a fine line because you have to earn the right to play first and as we saw with the Burton/Kedwell partnership last week they led the line so well and the spine of the team is key.
“At half time I just thought we needed to do something different, Deon has been fantastic for us and its harsh on him to be taken off at half time and I don’t like doing that but as a manager you have to make these calls.
“It won’t always be popular and you won’t always get that right.
“I remember earlier in the season I got one wrong, just one, but that’s how it can be sometimes.”
Having gone 2-0 down against Fleetwood Martin felt the point earned was a good one, but says his team were not playing badly at the time and responded in the best possible way.
He added: “For the amount of play we had and the way it was going I thought they were doing OK and we found ourselves 2-0 down which was a bit of a shock and a surprise.
“We certainly weren’t two goals to the worse because we were playing rubbish but they took their chances. Through the season these days will happen but to get the goal before half-time and then the equaliser we were pushing for the win. We couldn’t quite manage it but it’s another game gone and another week on.
“This competition will last for 10 months and someone has told me we are still five points clear so let’s keep it going.”