Gills Manager addresses the media prior to Plymouth trip...

Martin Allen says it’s a great feeling being at the top of the league but has insisted that his side will not have a bad run if they maintain their levels of determination and hard work.

The Gills are currently leading the chasing pack by five points and are nine points clear of 4th placed Fleetwood, but Martin has warned that teams are likely to play better against his side and is hoping for yet another victory this weekend against Plymouth Argyle.

They come into the game having lost their last four matches in all competitions, but Martin says he isn’t interested in their form and wants his players to approach the game in the same way as any other.

Speaking in his pre-match press conference he said:

“As with every game we play it will be difficult and we have said that from day one. Everyone is expecting us to be fantastic every week which is not going to happen – there have been away games where we have had to be resolute and difficult to beat.

“It’s the same as any other game to be honest; I don’t have any interest in their previous games. I’ve been down to watch them play – Andy Hessenthaler and Mark Patterson went down to watch them play Burton so we have done the normal research and we travel early in the morning [Friday].

“There are three more points available and that’s how we view it, nothing else.”

Martin went on to discuss team news and what the latest situation is regarding his injured players.

He said: “Joe Martin and Charlie Allen are in London having their follow up scans on their injuries and I am hoping they are getting the all clear. They have both trained extremely hard with no contact for the past four days after I gave them some time off.

“I’m hoping we will have two players back available, fingers crossed it all goes well. If not it will be a weekly review of how the fracture is fusing together.

“Bradley Dack looks like it’s just bruising on his foot and it’s difficult to gauge how long that will be. If its bone bruising it takes time to come out but he’s walking better and he’s feeling better and it’s not as painful as it was so that’s good news.

“I don’t think we have any other injuries – Charlie Lee had a virus the other day so he couldn’t play but he trained this morning and looked really good and is back in the group now.”

The Manager went on to talk about what the atmosphere is like being top of the league and what they can expect from other teams in terms of their playing style.

He said: “We played Torquay the other week and the crowd went mad when they got a throw in. It’s a different atmosphere – we have all been there and you want to take on the best. When lower level teams take on clubs from higher divisions they always want to put yourselves up against better players and better managers, that’s just life in general.

“With us being top of the league and having had such a great run and a great start then people are going to be thinking it’s going to be a tough game and everyone has a bit more focus and concentration. The fans turn up with a bit more energy and that’s what it’s like every week for wherever we are playing now.

“We are playing with such confidence – I have said a few times it’s been magical for me, I have never been top of the league, never. This is so new for me and I just find every day is like Christmas Day. I have to pinch myself, I can keep changing the team and put young players in who have come through the system and they don’t make us any weaker.

“If we get any injuries it doesn’t make us look any weaker – this weekend I will make more changes. I’ve waited a long, long time and worked very hard to get an opportunity like this and it’s amazing.

“We won’t have a bad run, that won’t happen. Mr. Scally has allowed us to bring in more players when Gazzaniga was sold to Southampton and Matt Jarvis went to West Ham.

“I was sitting having dinner with the Chairman that night when the deal had gone through. We were looking at the menu thinking it was sausage and mash, the deal went through and we were looking at King Prawns and fillet Steak!

“The Chairman has let us spend it and he has brought these players together and with the young players we have got here – how well have they done?

“Callum Davies and Bradley Dack, then the gamble I took with Charlie Allen. The three lads have been amazing and add that to our senior players and the older ones who I knew from before.

“I knew about Strevens personality and his character, I knew Burton and we have gelled them all together. I don’t know if I am lucky because I have had to work hard but the blend is fantastic, and add to that the free transfers of Myles Weston and Adam Barrett.”