Help support the work of local charity, Holding on Letting Go.

Our ground collection at MEMS Priestfield Stadium this afternoon will be raising money to help support the work of local charity, Holding on Letting Go. 

Holding On Letting Go is a charity, which supports bereaved children, young people, (aged 6-16) and their families and carers in Kent and Medway who have experienced the death of an important person in their lives. 

Children, young people, parents and carers are offered support at our bereavement weekend programmes which are held throughout the year and are non-residential.

Attending one of the grief support programmes enables the child or young person to;

 Meet other children and young people who have experienced bereavement 
 Be listened to by people who understand their feelings and experience 
 Have the opportunity to explore and express their feelings through special activities 
 Tell their story and ask questions in a safe environment 
 Hold onto good memories and learn how to let go of unhappy ones 
 Find new ways to cope with their grief and have fun 

We invite bereaved parents and carers to be supported through the parent and carers service.  Managing your own feelings as well as your children’s grief can be overwhelming. This group is a safe place where parents and carers can find support, understand their feelings and explore ways of coping with bereaved children and young people as well as managing their own experience of grief.

Holding On Letting Go is a registered charity (1103835) which relies on voluntary donations to enable us to sustain this vital work. Please give generously. For more information pleases visit

Or contact:

Holding On Letting Go
The Wisdom Hospice
High Bank
Kent ME1 2NU       

08445 611511