Gills boss reveals basics have been implemented to improve home form

Martin Allen believes that reinstalling `the basics` in to the squad could have played a big part in the victory against Rotherham on Monday.
Deon Burton scored from close-range in the 22nd minute in front of the Rainham End, which was enough to sink the Millers 1-0 and increase Gillingham’s lead at the top of the table to eight points.
Martin said: “We went back to basics, the basics being competing, the basics being closing down, the basics being hard-to-beat and being competitive.
"And that’s what we did, and we know that they [Rotherham] have some quality in their possession, but first and foremost it was to compete, be difficult to beat, keep our shape and stay organised.
“We still had quite a decent gap between us and the others, so we all thought that if we don’t lose many games it’s going to be very difficult for clubs to close that gap that we had. Flair has been pushed to the side and being disciplined, organised and focussed collectively has been concentrated on.
“And we will do it, all of us. We’ve put all of that together, not just me, all the staff and the players and it’s been great.
“We know what we are doing this week, with regards to the training. We are playing against Torquay this Saturday, and they have already beaten us this season. They’re a dangerous team, they’re a good team, and it’s important that everybody keeps their feet on the ground until the fat lady is singing.”
Martin took time to talk about the progress of Devante McKain, a young prospect who the Gills signed from Maidenhead United in November. He has played regularly in the Development Squad, but hasn’t yet made a first team appearance.
“Well, he’s laid back which is pretty good so we have to keep working him hard," Martin added. "I’m not sure that he appreciates the cross-country runs at 7:30 in the morning when it’s freezing cold, so that has been a wake-up call to him.
“But if you’re going to play out there in front of 10,000 people, you have to be mentally tough, and Devante has done all of the running, all of the work, and to see him on the bench today, I hoped that we were going to get a second goal and I was going to put him on.
“I think that the supporters would like to see him, in an ideal world I thought that we were going to win by two or three, and I was going to put the kids on, Muggleton, McKain and Davies. But Devante has done fantastic since he arrived here from Maidenhead.
“We made a decision months and months ago that we need to try and win every game right the way through to Burton so it’s full on.
“We asked them and talked to them and welcomed their views because they are the ones that go over that white line so it’s their opinion that matters most, not mine.
“From their thoughts and their feelings I have to make the decisions about what we’re going to do.”
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