Martin aims to support the players as they recover from Wolves defeat

Gills Manager Martin Allen said he and his players will face up to Saturday’s 4-0 defeat against Wolves and will work hard to guide the players through the next week.

The defeat at Molineux was the team's second straight loss in the league campaign, but Martin says there is no need to be negative.

He said: “There is no panic and it doesn’t get me down – I’ve had this since I was eight years old, you deal with the knockbacks and face up to it.

“We take it in our stride, deal with it, face up to it, work on what we have got to be better at and move on to the next stage.

“It’s all well and good thinking I’ve got to shout and have a go at them but it’s the last thing they need. In any walk of life if things are tough or not going the way you want then the last thing you want is someone to have a go at you.

“You want someone to help you, support you and guide you through it – that’s what we did last year when things didn’t quite go our way.

“That’s what we need to do now, and it’s what we will do.”

The Manager was asked if it was daunting at all coming up against the likes of Kevin Doyle and Richard Stearman, both of which having played for Wolves in the Premier League.

He replied: “Well I did choke on my cornflakes on Saturday morning when I saw they had spent £750,000 on a midfielder from Sheffield United, but they are fantastic players.

“That doesn’t bother me, scare me or phase me – Bristol City have similar players in their group. We play Brentford next week and they have also spent a lot of money on players – they lost in the play-off final last year and I think they are probably out and out favourites to win the division.

“We’ve got them coming thick and fast, but like I said last year, we don’t pop the pills when we lose and we don’t pop champagne when we win.”

Martin revealed a couple of players had knocks before the game but had recovered sufficiently to play a part.

He said: “A few people had knocks, but they are warriors. Bayo was struggling a little bit but we put him on the bench incase we needed something late on.

“We felt with a big pitch here that he would be a threat with his pace so I think he earned the right to play. Charlie has trained for the last two days and is very fit so we put him back in the squad.

“Apart from that everyone is fine and everyone is hurting mentally rather than physically because we all know we can play better than that.

“Myles has been out for about a month with a hamstring but in the last two games he has come on for 20-30 minutes and done particularly well.”

To watch Martin's post match press conference, click here.