Gills Manager reflects on positive seven days

Martin Allen said the 2-1 victory over Dagenham & Redbridge on Saturday at MEMS Priestfield rounded off `a special week. `

In the space of seven days the Gills took seven points from their three league games, Martin took the `Manager of the Month` award, and the team reclaimed top spot in the league table following the weekend’s win.

Martin praised his squad and his management staff for their collective efforts and said his award was for everybody involved at the club.

He said: “It’s not very nice when the fans go home unhappy. I didn’t sleep very well after the Wycombe game I must say, I didn’t like it and nor did the players.

“It was great (going top), I loved it for the players. It’s not on me. I’ve had far worse and more difficult situations to deal with. I feel for the players, I care for the players, and I want the players to be happy and to enjoy playing for Gillingham.

“So for that Wycombe game my hurt was for the care and the love, if you like, of the players. So to see the happiness on the players’ faces was magic, and that’s what it’s all about. Everyone stood their ground right until the very end.

“The real test when you’re a manager is when you don’t play well, bits and pieces happen, and you get a defeat it’s not very good. That’s the real test of a manager. So that Wycombe game, the last twenty minutes because prior to that we had done alright believe it or not, and all of a sudden everyone says you’re rubbish, and everything you’re doing is wrong.

“But I don’t listen to that of course, I can’t, and I suppose it’s my job that when those players came back in on that Wednesday morning that I’ve got to stand in front of them and deliver.

“I have to bring them up, and I have to lift their confidence and then give them a game plan to go into Bradford, which is one of the hardest places to go and play football in our league.

“We got a game plan; we put it into practice on the training pitch, and got all our players together to believe in themselves. So the reaction from the players, the staff, and the supporters altogether is what makes it special.”

“It’s easy when it’s all going so well like it was earlier in the season. It’s when the testing times come along, that’s when you earn the award I guess as manager of the month. To win today, the result on Tuesday, and then last Saturday, that has been a special week.

“That award isn’t just for me, that reward is for all the staff, all the players, for all the people around me that look after me and help me, it’s a big award for everyone.”

The Manager revealed he didn’t know his team were top of the league until the dying seconds of the game when the fans began cheering, mainly due to the fact he doesn’t concern himself with other results or find out who their closest rivals are playing.

He added: “I heard all the supporters singing it; I didn’t even know who Port Vale were playing. Who did they play? I didn’t even know who they were playing, I didn’t care who they were playing. I seriously do not know. I don’t know any results.

“It was only from the crowd that I knew that we were top of the league. All I’m interested in is winning the game, and now we go to Chesterfield next Friday morning ready for the next challenge.

“Anyone who plays against Gillingham is in a battle; it’s a tough tough game because we’re the best, so it’s going to take some time to adjust.”