Martin gives his verdict on the Gills Development triumph

Good Afternoon

Our Team were absolutely superb today. Great attitude, great to watch, some outstanding performances and we finished the game with nearly all our youth team on the pitch.

I have just informed Aaron Millbank that we have extended his scholarship into a third year. He is a centre-forward who has been doing well in the youth team and today he played right-back for the first time in his life and he done great.

All the youth team players were rewarded with 30 minutes each, as they have worked so hard physically and technically, to fast track them and, of course, test them. It was an absolute pleasure and made me very proud and has hopefully whet their appetite this afternoon to continue their progress and develop into good players and good people in the future.

We have decided to travel up North on Friday morning and will therefore not be at the Training Ground on Friday. We will be starting training on Thursday at 10.30am.