Gills Manager says club must look at the positives...

Martin Allen says it is important that the team takes positives from the defeat to Port Vale last week rather than focus on the result itself.
The Gills had their match against Rochdale postponed due to a frozen pitch on Saturday, but the manager said the team are not down hearted and are going about their business as normal.
He said: “It’s important when you are the manager to manage it and cope with it. I don’t like it but it’s my responsibility to help and support the players and staff.
“If they see me walking around, moaning and complaining then we won’t get anywhere are we? I can’t live like that, I don’t work like that.
“We’ll take some good parts out of it because there were some really good bits. After 20 minutes we had five opportunities at their goal, they had two and scored twice but there are lots of things you can look at.
“We had about six chances in the second half to perhaps go on and win the game and it was only in the last minute that they had another chance.
“Obviously it’s a predicament being 2-0 down at home that you don’t really want to face.”
With the transfer window in full swing there have been plenty of rumours amidst that Jack Payne could be heading to Crystal Palace with David Wright heading in the opposite direction, but Martin said only initial conversations had taken place and nothing concrete at all had been agreed.
He said: “Shall we comment on all the internet rumours; we would be here a long time wouldn’t we? There have been talks between the football clubs and at the moment that is in the Chairman’s hands so we will wait and see what happens.
“Jack has been playing in our team and has been doing well but the clubs have been talking.
“If it’s done and the supporters need to know then we will let them know. Speculation with my uncle’s mate who works down the chip shop I don’t buy, I just deal with the facts and if it’s done it’s done.”