Martin talks to the press following Vale defeat....

Martin Allen praised his players following the 2-1 defeat to Port Vale on how they responded to going two goals down, but says there are a few things the team needs to work on.

Speaking after the game he said:

“It’s disappointing not to get anything out of it, it was a terrific performance in the second half – we created numerous chances but we couldn’t get the equaliser. I suppose you would have to say you don’t want to be 2-0 down in the first place.

“There are things to look at, things to try and improve and things we have got to do to make us better, especially here at the moment.

“They will give everything they have got our lads and when you haven’t won here for a few weeks then of course there are going to be little things slipping in to the back of your mind.

“When a second goal goes in you could say those `demons` start to do strange things – you start to lose confidence, especially after such a brilliant start to our season playing at home.

“Two away wins and you turn up here and you think they should be full of it but it was a fantastic header from Pope and it puts everybody on the back foot.

“We just didn’t have anybody to knock the ball in. We had some great opportunities and an awful lot of crosses in the first half that were very good.

“Sometimes you just need someone to take that break, make that chance and give us that opportunity and away from home in the last two weeks the players have done that.

“Let’s not hand out any criticisms to any of our players, they are desperate to do well and have trained really hard for this game and we were just unlucky we didn’t get another chance in the second half.

“We don’t want to give those goals away when we play at Priestfield because it knocks you back.”

More reaction to follow.