St.Benedicts wiin final first round tie...

St Benedict Catholic Primary School and Ethelbert Road Primary School fought it out in the final first round of this season’s Half-time Shoot-out during last weekend’s game against Port Vale.


The players had seven seconds to score from the edge of the D and could chose to dribble and shoot or simply fire one at goal.

The keepers were allowed to move off their line as soon as the whistle sounded and put the striker under pressure meaning that they both had to think and act fast.


The half time shoot-out welcomed a new school to the competition in Ethelbert Road. After being briefed on the proceedings of the shoot-out the players laced up their boots and prepared themselves as they marched towards the Rainham End on a cold Saturday afternoon.

The players lined up ready to take their turn and all showed great individual skill with some fantastic decisions of when to shoot. This was coupled hand in hand with the Goalkeepers who were fearless as they charged down the oncoming strikers, making themselves as big as possible to make the save.

The shoot-out finished 4-2 to St Benedicts who snapped up the last place in the Quarter Final.


March when Gills face Plymouth Argyle Football Club.thAs usual we would like to thank both schools for taking part in the competition and good luck to St Benedicts Catholic Primary School for the Quarter Final which will take place on Saturday 9


Next up will be the first Quarter Final between Halling Primary School and Brompton Westbrook Primary School when Gills take on York City.

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