Gills host entertaining Golf Day at Upchurch

Martin Allen, his staff and members of the first team squad substituted their training bibs for a bag of clubs on Thursday when the Gills headed to Upchurch to host a Golf Day event in Sittingbourne.

Members of the paying public enjoyed a full English breakfast before being teamed up with one member of the Gills party each and assigned a hole at which they would begin.

A shotgun signalled the start of the event, and competitiveness amongst the players was just as fierce as it is usually on the pitch with everyone doing their utmost to register a respectable score.

tee and played a hole with every team, with a separate `closest to pin` competition taking place on the same green, with Matt Fish eventually taking the plaudits.thMartin positioned himself on the 11

The round was completed at around 3.45pm with competitors returning to the clubhouse for refreshments prior to a three course meal.

Presentations were then made before Martin delivered a Q & A and handed out some raffle prizes, with the event eventually coming to a close just after 8 o’clock.

The players enjoyed their day away from the training ground and were pleased they had the chance to spend some time with supporters of the club.

Skipper Adam Barrett said: “I used to play a lot when I was younger, I don’t play too much now because of my two little ones. It’s been a bit erratic, some good and some bad shots.

“People have paid money, they support the club and it’s nice to talk to the supporters and see what they do. They get to talk to you on a personal level and it helps everyone at the club bond together, it’s a nice ice breaker.”

Cody McDonald added: “It was a lovely day and there are a lot of golfers in the team – I was with a great bunch of lads and they made me feel very welcome.”

Joe Martin was awarded the prize for the longest drive with Jake Hessenthaler accumulating the best overall score.

Top three positions:

      1.1. KM Fire & Security – Adam Birchall and Antonio German

      2.2. Synecore B – John Schofield

      3.3. Colin Ivory – Josh Hare

You can view a selection of photographs from the day at the top of this page.

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