Gills Manager insists there is more hard work to be done

Martin Allen has called for fans not to get too carried away following Saturday’s win over Plymouth, insisting there is still a long way to go before the end of the season.

The club’s 2-1 win at the weekend extended their lead at the top of npower League Two, but Martin was keen to stress there are still plenty of games left to play.

He said: “The job isn’t done and let’s not get carried away, its only three points. What we don’t want is to go and lose three points and when we do win we hope it’s three points gained.

“I don’t know how the other teams got on and I don’t really care, it’s about us getting as many points as possible as quickly as possible and that goal has never changed.

“I can understand respect that everybody will be looking at the tables and the results. If I did that can you imagine what a crack pot I would be? All I can do is go home and watch a DVD of the game.

“All of the players train on Sunday.

“I will take training on Monday morning and prepare them to play against Exeter on Tuesday night so I’m sure all of our supporters will go home and celebrate, but the players will go home and rest.

“I will watch them warm down and then on Tuesday we travel and go again. The competition is not over, it has a long way to go and next Friday we go up to Morecambe and then to Rochdale so it’s exciting times.

“If I look at other clubs and take my eye off what is important, it’s only us I can look after. That’s all I can do and am capable of doing.”

Martin decided to take the pre-match warm up himself prior to the game on Saturday and said he did it because he felt the players needed more help and guidance following their last home game when they lost 1-0 to Oxford.

He said: “I normally sit in my office and lay on my sofa with Monty and chill before the games, I don’t do anything or talk to anybody. I wait for the game to start and sit in there quietly.

“I thought after the players got booed off and, me included, got a lot of criticism it was lead from the front. Get out there in front of the supporters and show the players there is no fear and that it doesn’t affect me.

“We had fun and a few laughs and yes I do try to relax them and keep tem calm, in the gym we did some of my yoga exercises.

“We played with calmness, skill, good quality, good decision making and when the times came we were tenacious and that’s what we have been working on through the week.

“No detriment to James Russell, John Schofield or Carl Muggleton – what they do is fantastic and they are top people but I just felt the players needed a bit more help and I wanted to be with them.”

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