Assistant Manager says processes will remain the same

John Schofield says the management have stuck by the same preparation processes this week as they have done all season as they look to bounce back following the midweek defeat to Oxford United.

A late strike from Alfie Potter gave the visitors a 1-0 victory, and although he admits the team were disappointed, he quickly turned focus to Saturday’s tough encounter at Aldershot.

He said: “Were we disappointed after the game? Of course we were but we have to look at that bigger picture. The plan is to be in a good position on April the 28th and that is when we will be judged on what we have done or what we haven’t done.

“If you can average two points a game over the course of the season that’s great – that’s winning a game and drawing a game. Whether that’s home or away that continues – I thought some positives came out of the other night.

“We created a few chances and got some crosses in so we always look at every game and the positives that have come out of it.

“We’ve got a few bumps and bruises but over the course of the season that will happen – the lads have trained and have all been involved in one form or another so we are looking quite positive to have a fully fit squad for the weekend.

“Under their new manager [Andy Scott – Aldershot] they haven’t lost a game yet, that’s a fact. It will be a difficult game, you find when there is a change in manager people who weren’t quite in the side get a new lease of life and the guys in the side are looking to regroup themselves.

“They have some good experienced players and some good young ones coming through aswell.

“It’s very much business as usual, all season we have set out to attack each game as it comes along whoever the opposition is, and the focus is very much on ourselves as it has been all season and that will continue.

“We are looking forward to the game, purely and simply because it is the next game - that’s how we approach everything.”

John said that the Gills current position counts for nothing and, as yet, the squad haven’t achieved what they want.

He added: “What matters to us is where we are after 46 games. Are we excited and proud of what we have achieved so far? Damn right we are but we haven’t achieved what we set out to achieve.

“We have done OK and we will remain focussed until the end of April. When we get there we can say `we have done this or that, ` but it’s all ifs and buts at the minute.

“We started off with a home game, we dealt with that and had 45 more. All we are doing now is preparing for the next game; do the players need to look any further? No. Do we as staff? Yes, because we have to scout and get information but that’s no different to what it is whether it’s at the start of the season.

“We have a process in place for recovery and injury prevention etc. and that’s already in place whether we play one game or three games in a week.

“That’s all in place the lads know what we are doing and they have an itinerary so there are no surprises, they know the days they are being rested and know the days they are going to work.

“Everything is planned as it has been since the middle of July, we knew there would be periods towards the end of the season when games would be put in because of cancellations but we’ve done all of that, the guys know what is happening regarding travelling and how we are doing that.

“Our job is to keep picking points up, do we want three every game? We want four if we can get them but that’s not going to happen. We will certainly try for three every game.”