Twydall Primary School to contest half time shoot out final

Our first half-time shoot-out semi-final of the season saw Canterbury Road Primary School take on Twydall Primary School during the weekend’s game against Accrington Stanley.


The players had seven seconds to score from the edge of the D and could choose to dribble and shoot or simply fire one at goal. The keepers were allowed to move off their line as soon as the whistle sounded and put the striker under pressure meaning that they both had to think and act fast.


Despite the weather the game, and most importantly the half-time shoot-out, went ahead. Nerves were present in both teams as they stepped out as they both knew they were only one match away from the final.


The crowd were treated to a very close match up, which despite the nerves saw some very calm and precise shots, spectacular goals and great goalkeeping.


Inspite of Canterbury Road’s best efforts they couldn’t stop Twydall winning on the day and progressing through to the Final.


As usual we would like to thank both schools for taking part in the competition and we wish Twydall Primary School the very best of luck in the Final, which will take place at the last home game of the season when the Gills face AFC Wimbledon on April 20.


Our last semi-final will be between Brompton Westbrook Primary School and St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School when the Gills take on Torquay Utd on April 6.


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