Head Groundsman hard at work in preparation for Rugby League game at Priestfield

The ground staff at Gillingham are already preparing for the next sporting action at MEMS Priestfield Stadium, with just over a month until the London Broncos take on Warrington Wolves in their Super League encounter.

It will be the club's second visit to the stadium having played Hull FC last season, and Head Groundsman John Plummer is hard at work ensuring the surface will be in top condition.

He said: "We have already seeded, the point of the sand is to level the surface and smooth it off, and we have 60 tonnes of top sand ready for the Rugby in a month's time.

"Hopefully in the dimple holes, a quarter of an inch down, the sand will go down that and the seed has a chance to germinate prior to the game.

"In a weeks' time we give it a cut off with the rotary with the grass coming through.

"After the Rugby we have another 40 tonnes to go on, and then we start all over again in preparation for pre-season.

"We're all looking forward to another good year."

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