Gills community trust visit Demelza House in Sittingbourne

Last weekend, the Gillingham FC Community Trust took the opportunity to visit Demelza House in Sittingbourne, to once more support the “Holding On, Letting Go” programme.

This charity looks to support and help children of various ages through a difficult time in their lives when they have lost a loved one.  With fantastic help from the charity’s volunteers the children spend two days taking part in different tasks and activities, which aim to help them express how they have dealt with their losses.

On Saturday, Head of the Community Trust Adam Lawrence was joined by Tommy T and GFC Gems Suzie and Gemma.  The children then played some football games outside with Adam and Tommy as the Gems watched on and cheered.

On Sunday, although Tommy was unable to attend, the Gems encouraged some of the children to practice their dance moves and even had a high kicking contest.  Adam again took a group of the boys outside to play football, this time in the rain.

GFC Gem Suzie commented: "We had an amazing time visiting Demelza House supporting the Holding On, Letting Go programme.  The sun was out and so were the kids, they got to let off some steam and play football with Tommy T in goal and the Gems cheering them on.

“The Gems also learnt a few new moves while the volunteers took a well-deserved rest after working hard over the weekend to give the kids all the help they need. It is safe to say Tommy T and the Gems had a great time and can't wait to see them all again soon."

The GFC Community Trust look forward to returning to Demelza in the New Year.