Gills Manager could go back in to transfer market if necessary

Peter Taylor has revealed that he may well dive in to the transfer market again in the coming weeks, but only if the right player becomes available.

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Speaking exclusively to the club’s official website he said: “I don’t think that was helpful [being Interim Manager] because, to me, I had already identified certain things but I couldn’t act on them being Interim Manager.

“Now I can go to the Chairman and say `this is what you need` or go to a player and say they are a part or not part of my plans.

“When you are Interim Manager it’s impossible so it’s been made clearer to everybody and hopefully it puts more players on their toes because now you’re the permanent manager until the end of the season and they know you can make some bigger decisions.

“I am pleased about that; I really intend to work extremely hard to get the team right so that Paul Scally at the end of the season says `I want you to stay longer. `

“Like any Manager you always want to improve your team and if there was something out there that was much better and could improve our chance of winning football matches I would go to Paul Scally and mention that to him.

“I haven’t got a clue if we can buy anybody; I’m of course aware of the budget but one thing is for sure, which I have learnt in my time as a Manager, that sometimes you already have good players in the building so it’s about getting the best out of them.

“Looking at the squad we might need another defender I think but apart from that the squad has most positions covered. If they keep training and working on the things we’re working on they can be good players for us."

As for players going out on loan to get some experience, Peter said this is also possible: “If it means we are light in certain positions then we have to be careful but if I identify a player that for some reason is not going to be in the starting line-up and there’s a club out there that want to take him on loan to get him some good experience of matches then I would probably accept that," he said.

“I can then go and watch the player, value him and see what I think he is good or not good at and it gives him a chance to get fitter and play matches.”

As for team news for Saturday’s game against Sheffield United, Taylor revealed who he has available.

He said: “No further injuries, nothing new. Charlie Lee is suspended; Michael Harriman is away with Ireland so apart from that we have the same players available as last week.

“Danny Hollands is getting fitter and Leon Legge since I’ve been here has been a regular centre-half and has done most things right. It’s good that they are back.”

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