Gills Manager praises squad after strong week in training

Gills boss Peter Taylor says he has been very pleased with the attitude of his players this week as they prepare for the trip to Sheffield United.

, has won two of his five matches since arriving at the club last month, and has fully appreciated the willingness of the players to try different things.end of the season earlier this weekTaylor, who was appointed Manager until the

he said: “The players, since I’ve been here, have been absolutely first class and tried to do whatever we’ve worked on and to be fair to them I think they’ve done well.exclusively to the club’s official websiteSpeaking

“People might be a little bit surprised about that on the strength of our last couple of home performances, but that’s been a little bit of nerves.

“There hasn’t been a lack of effort or ability, maybe some nerves and it just didn’t go our way. What we have identified is that we feel, maybe, we need a few more options when we do play at home.

“Sometimes we need to give ourselves a bit more of a chance so that we can get more opportunities. We’ve been working on some forward running and forward movement and I’ve been very pleased with the sessions that have gone on.

“What you hope is that the players take it on board in to matches.

“But things like this do take time. Nobody has exactly the same methods so there will always be a bit of change and there is.

“I’ve asked them to play in a different way than the previous Manager asked, that will take a bit of time and if I saw a lack of effort from our team then I could 100% understand the frustrations or annoyance of the supporters.

“A lot of the supporters have been fantastic but there are some that are quite frustrated with the situation – they look at the two first halves we have recently had and are probably saying, and quite rightly so, that it’s not good enough.

“If we haven’t played very well in the first half for the last two home matches it hasn’t been a lack of effort. It’s been maybe the situation where they have been nervy and haven’t done everything we should have done, but in the second half of the last two games we have been a lot better.

and the boys really showed what they could do.second half was outstanding wasn’t good enough and we admit that, but the first half against Carlisle“The

everything, I think, was going against us and a lot of it was deserved because we weren’t performing as well as we could but again effort wise nobody could fault us.Brackley“Against

“We were still going, even during the six minutes of added time. We had a couple of very good opportunities in the second half to score much earlier than we did.

“We couldn’t have left it much later than what we did but that’s the boys never accepting defeat.”

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