We bring you an update on the GFC Sentaurs latest tournament

On Sunday 27 October the GFC SENtaurs took part in their second tournament of the season.

Since their first tournament in September there has been a change to the age banding, the U-11s and U-13s remain the same but the U-15s have reverted back to U-16s.

This created a shortage of players at both U-13s and U-16s but thanks to the generosity of other teams lending players we were able to field squads in all age groups.

The U-16s put into practise their delay and deny tactics, covered in a recent training session with coach Dan Small. The team went from strength to strength as the games progressed and their hard work was rewarded with a result in their final game.

The U-13s had a successful day, gaining results in the majority of their games, under the watchful eye of coach Nick Lovell, who was thrilled that the players are now able to compete in their own age group once again.

The U-11s also had a successful tournament remaining unbeaten and scored what is perhaps the fastest goal of the season so far.

With the reclassification of age groups the SENtaurs are looking to recruit additional players, in particular a goalkeeper for our U-16s and additional players for our U-13s.

So if you would be interested in joining the team please contact Centre Manager, Kimi Bolden at, call 01634 350125 or please click here.