Martin looks ahead to Saturday's game at Shrewsbury

Martin Allen has revealed that only one alteration has been made to his match day squad for the trip to Shrewsbury on Saturday.

Michael Harriman has a calf strain, so Antonio German will come in to replace him, and Martin was asked who is likely to fill in at right-back.

Anyone can do it, it doesn’t matter. He said: “We have 18 players, all of them can play there and all of them have been trained to play there.

“He has been called up to play in the Ireland squad but he’s not fit enough to play for them next week so he’s staying with us for treatment.

“We have got an agreement with QPR that he stays with us unless it’s a long term injury. He has continued to have treatment with Gaz [Gary Hemens] and we will look after him and hopefully he’s back with us shortly.”

Only 18 players will travel to Greenhous Meadow, with Martin wanting some of the younger squad members to go out on loan.

He said: “I have decided for Jake and Devante to work with Patto, I invited them in to my office on Thursday morning. I can only take 18, Michael Harriman isn’t travelling but Antonio German is so that’s the 18.

“We have the starting 11 plus the seven subs and those two boys I’m going to try and get them out on loan to a good level.

“They are close to getting in the team so they need to get out and play some decent men’s football.

“They can both play in the Conference, Devante was close to playing in our team a couple of weeks ago and he’s been fantastic in training.

“Hessenthaler has joined us a couple of times and has gone up another level.

"We have looked at progression and development and there comes a point where you put them in. Bradley Dack has done really well and in training this week he’s been absolutely outstanding.

“He has trained two or three afternoons with James and Scoy. We have a few with Patto who have done really well; Kane Haysman has scored three goals in four games for Sutton.

“Tom Derry has done really well at Chelmsford; he hit the woodwork twice the other night in a game they won.

“There is a group of them that need to go out and play some games. Darren Hare and Mark Patterson have done a good job, as has Bryan Bull.

“It’s not about the results on Saturday mornings; it’s about seeing people like Jack Payne, Callum Davies and Bradley Dack coming through.

“It’s a great club to be at, I go around watching these Premier League games and it’s absolutely poxy. It’s much better being here, they are close to the first team.

“They train on the next pitch to us, they train with us and we could have taken two of them up north but we decided to stick with our 18.

“We push our boys forward and we have good old fashioned values and it’s a much better place than going to them. This is what it’s about, we have proper values.

“We need to get them out playing.”

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