Martin believes players will respond well after Shrewsbury defeat

Gills Manager Martin Allen said his team couldn’t find the `killer touch` after losing 2-0 to Shrewsbury at Greenhous Meadow on Saturday afternoon.

Goals from Joe Jacobsen and debutant Liam McAlinden sealed all three points for Graham Turner’s side during a frustrating afternoon for the visitors in a game which they made several chances to get a result.

Following the game Martin said: “I thought we did OK – not how we have been playing that’s for sure.

“Particularly disappointing to lose a goal to a set play, up to that point there had been little threat to our goal.

“We had plenty of possession in their half of the field but didn’t create a great deal.

"We hit the post in the first half, there were a couple of other chances and right to the end we had more chances but losing a goal like that again is disappointing after all of the work we have done.

“These things have happened far too often but we will keep practising. We will keep working at it but it has been a fantastic couple of weeks with the players, they have been terrific and worked very hard.

“Their attitude has been spot on; I just don’t think we were at the level where we have been in the last few weeks.

“Everyone knows in Gillingham that we do our best. We don’t just sit and have days off and hope something will happen, we make things happen and it will be the same this week ready for Preston.

“There are just a few minor things that caught us out but you can’t criticise the players because they have worked tremendously hard, they are very conscientious and they are as disappointed as anyone but we will put this behind us and get ready for Monday.

“We have all been watching Football for a long, long time and set pieces are key – there is no doubt about that. Set plays are key to any decent team and you have to get that right.

“We just couldn’t find that killer touch.

“That’s what we will keep working at. What is the option? Go and play head tennis every day and play five-a-side? We don’t work like that, we work hard and practice hard and we did it all through last year to be champions and we will do it all through this season.”

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