Gills Interim Manager impressed with how hard the players have worked since his arrival

Peter Taylor may only have been at the club as Interim Manager for 10 days, but he is already seeing signs of progress within the team.

has increased confidence within the camp, and although Taylor would like more time at the training ground, he realises the players need rest in order to perform.2-1 win over Notts County on TuesdayThe

He said: “That’s the slight frustration that you have when you come in – you want to spend more time on the training pitch but you then have to take matches and tiredness in to account and you can only stay out there too long, because all you’re going to do, if you stay there, is mess them up for the next match.

“We just have to be careful, and we have been.

“I’ve seen progress in the two games and in the training so as long as I keep saying that I know we will be getting slightly better but you could be talking a month or longer than that because we’re asking them to do things a bit different.”

The Gills boss revealed he would like to strengthen the team if an opportunity presents itself, but said he may need a couple more games to make an informed decision. However he went on to say he doesn’t know how long his stint at the club will be.

He said: “Any Manager will tell you he would love two players for every position – not only for injuries but to keep players on their toes and that would be the ideal situation.

“We have got more than 20 outfield players but some of those are also very young and maybe not ready for League One at the minute.

“Like anybody I would always like to strengthen but it was always a case of looking at the team for two or three matches and then saying to the Chairman what I think we need.

“I’ve dropped a few things in to him already but it’s fair to look at three matches, you then see good and bad things and then make your mind up.

“People think I have agreed that’s it longer ot it’s a month or longer. Honestly that is not true, I am looking after as Interim Manager and if the Chairman sees a CV that he likes he could bring in a Manager tomorrow.

“I hope he doesn’t but there is no set time that I’ve got here. As long as he tells me before the Dartford bridge because I don’t want to have to pay £2 and turn around again!”

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