Martin makes four available for transfer

During his midweek press conference Martin revealed that he has made four players available for transfer.

He said: “Today I have spoken to four individuals - Chris Whelpdale, Steven Gregory, Antonio German and Charlie Lee and made those lads available for transfer.

“I need to make some changes; I need to add some players and the group needs to be freshened up. I have also told all of the others that after Sunday’s game I will look next week with a view to be making potential possible future changes.

“We need to improve our starting 11.

“The logic behind that is that we need to raise some money to improve our team, it’s as simple as that. They are great lads, all four of them – they have done a great job for our club but changes need to be made.

“I know the players we would like to bring in and it needs freshening up, sharpening up and we need to be better. I don’t think anyone can argue with that, we need to try and make it better and that’s my job.

“We train on the training pitch, we work in the gym, we work as a team, we work with individuals but it needs to get better and that’s what you have to do sometimes.

“I suppose they are not very happy but I do my very best to make sure our players are always happy. I look after them, I treat them well, I speak to them properly but the bottom line is that we need to do something that will help us win games and these are the decisions you have to take on.

“Some could say its brave but I don’t care what anybody else thinks. I don’t do it off the cuff and the spur of the moment. This division is strong; it has good teams with good players with big budgets.

“We are up against some big clubs and we need to make that adjustment pretty quick and here we are making a positive statement, a positive action and we will pick a team to play Sunday.

“We will review again next week.”

When asked if there were other players fighting to for their place in the team he said:

“Yes, absolutely. Don’t get me wrong their attitude has been spot on and there isn’t a bad lad among them so that’s not an easy thing to do.

“But when you sit in the cold light of day and you analyse individuals and you watch it all through, sit there and there is no-one else to influence you and take it on board you have to work on it and if the same mistakes are still being made then you have to take action.”