Gills boss delivers post match verdict following Crewe victory

Martin Allen said his side fully deserved victory against Crewe at the Alexandra Stadium on Saturday, but said the players will not get carried away.

The Gills recorded their first win of the season after a convincing 3-0 display, goals coming from Cody McDonald, Joe Martin and Adam Barrett.

Martin said the team spirit was evident for all to see, and was happy to give the travelling supporters something to cheer about.

He said: “I think it’s a reward for the hard work the players and the staff have put in. We have trained for five days this week and a couple of afternoons.

“The players have put a big contribution in off the field and to put in a performance like that with a clean sheet it was very similar, I thought, to what it was last year.

“The team spirit, the camaraderie, the togetherness and the players played very, very well. The subs also made a big contribution from the side helping and the lads that went on did well.

“The supporters were on the far side and personally it was nice to be able to do something that makes them happy.

“Something had to be done, we couldn’t just carry on as we were and that’s what I do.

"You may upset a few people but the results weren’t there anyway so there were no worries about upsetting anyone, it’s about making our supporters happy and putting in good performances.

“We made some changes today – Callum Davies came in and did particularly well, Gregory came in and done really well. Kedwell was outstanding, Lee and Whelpdale were superb, all of them were quality.

“It has been a long week with the training sessions and I don’t think I have ever put on as many in one week in all my life.

"We have gone through the books and the DVD’s and all the normal stuff that I normally do when clubs are struggling.

“Back to basics and god bless the players carried it out to a tee and it was a good day.

"We don’t get carried away by everybody on the outside in what they say, do, write and put on TV. We just do our jobs; we knew we had to improve and they are strong people.

“Like last week, we didn’t go down the chemist and get loads of tablets and pop the medicines and this week we won’t pop the champagne.

“We will just get on with it the same as normal – we will get on and do our work for the rest of the week and try and do our best for our home game."

"On to the next one.”

More reaction from Martin Allen and Joe Martin to follow.