Gills boss encouraged after good week at training

Martin Allen is hoping the positive work put in during training this week will result in a decent performance against Crewe Alexandra on Saturday afternoon.

defeat to Bradford at MEMS Priestfield Stadium.Gills are searching for their first win this season, and the Manager revealed a few things have been changed following last weekend’s

He said: “We have trained every day this week, they have been really bright and it’s been back to basics you could say but they have been excellent, very receptive and it’s been a good week.

“The preparation with John Schofield and James Russell has been good; we have all been involved with an input from the senior players.

“They have got a lot of games between them so everybody has contributed and you have to say right from first thing Monday morning the response has been terrific.

“But this is only preparation for the performance and we need to put these things in to place on a Saturday afternoon of course.

“We are not a million miles away; there have been lots of good performances. It’s not as if we have been playing absolutely rubbish. We need to defend our set plays better there is no doubt about that.

“When you’re not winning and it’s not going how you want then self-belief and confidence takes a little bit of a dip.

“People don’t quite get to the ball as quickly as you would like to and make challenges. We have tried to get rid of all the negatives during the week and focus on what we do well, and most importantly, improve what we do well.

“I listened to the Manchester United vs Liverpool game and the pundits said that Liverpool had chances but they were `wishy washy attempts to score,` and I thought that’s probably similar to ourselves.

but they were just missing or just over, they were close so all of us have tried to work on it, practice together – we are not making them run up and down hills or beast them in to the ground.good chances against Bradford“We did have

“But they need help, they need support and they need clear guidance about what we need to do.

“The senior players have chipped in during private meetings in the dressing room. They also had a meeting in my office; there was about 12 of them that got together – no staff of course.

“There is a lovely big notice board in there and they all wrote what they thought we all needed to do to contribute and I was impressed with what they wrote.

“I had a go at all the players last week and said they had to do better so it was there chance to sit down and say what we needed to do better.

“None of us, especially myself, are above any of the blame. The bottom line is that it’s my responsibility – my squad, my team.”

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