Manager happy with reaction as club seals first league win at Crewe

Martin Allen said he was delighted with the reaction of his players following the 3-0 win over Crewe on Saturday afternoon.


at MEMS Priestfield Stadium.Bradford last weekend, and the Manager was proud of the display after the disappointing result against club’s first win of the league seasonGoals from Cody McDonald, Joe Martin and Adam Barrett sealed the


spoke about values. when I was a little bit emotional, upset and disappointed I chat last week and we had several good chances in that game, and on Saturday we took them and the significant thing is that from my Bradford DVDHe said: “I have had to sit there and watch the


“A boy has curled in a free kick from 20 yards in to the top corner, and that’s no coincidence. That boy has been practising all week, not just one day or two days – every day.


“That’s what happens, it’s amazing.”


Martin said the thought process and the mentality of everyone at the club hasn’t changed from last season, and he insisted that is the way it will remain.


He added: “We don’t talk about relegation or winning the league last year. Everyone else does, I don’t even mention it.


“My job is to try and win the next game – we don’t fantasise and say `what would happen if we won here or there? `


“We want to win as many games as we possibly can. If we go up we go up, if we go down we go down.


“We need to make sure we do the best that we can and whoever puts on the shirt works for the club and puts a proper shift in and what will be will be.


“We said that last year and I’ll say that this year, that’s how it’s going to be.”


Martin was asked if he would let the players choose what music to listen to on the way home after a such a strong display, but the Manager said that side of things would remain the same too.


He replied: “No, definitely not. It could make a little smile but I pick the music, I choose how we play and I choose the players – it’s as simple as that, black and white.


“I take the training and that’s how it is. We will have relaxing music, chill out, be quiet and rest and get ready for our next challenge.”


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