Peter Taylor proud to keep Gills in Sky Bet League One with one game still to play this season

Peter Taylor has said keeping Gillingham in Sky Bet League One is among his finest achievements as a professional Manager.

Gills were beaten 3-1 by Preston at Deepdale on Saturday, but with results going the club's way elsewhere, 52 points has proved enough to ensure a place in the third tier for another season.

Speaking after the game he said: “In the end the club didn’t have a particularly good start so to get to 52 points I think we can all be pleased with that.

“I think it’s a decent achievement, I’m sure people won’t see it that way but I do. I think that staying in the division is a very important situation for the Football Club and I think at one time we were struggling to do that, but the lads have pulled through.

“I’ve enjoyed working with the players 100%, they are great to get up in the morning to work with and they give it everything they’ve got.

“Even at times when it’s not been good enough, they still bounce back.”

Peter was asked if he is likely to speak to Chairman Paul Scally shortly to discuss his future at the club. He replied:

“What will be will be, sometimes there is nothing you can do about things that will happen,” he said. "If it means the Chairman has other things on his mind then you just accept that and get on with it.

“You never know, if I can get hold of him it will happen pretty soon – we normally talk after the matches.

“I think the players here and the club should get it sorted out quickly because that cannot drag on. Players are out of contract and need to know what their futures are so that’s quite important.

“Certain players are in contract and certain players are out of contract, the club might offer contracts to players but they may have other plans aswell, you just don’t know what is going to happen but I’m sure there will be a lot of work in the summer.”