Peter Taylor happy with levels of athleticism in squad as Gills prepare for trip to Stevenage

Peter Taylor says the energy of his players has been a huge positive in the last few games.

Taylor’s side travel to Stevenage. and are aiming to clinch their first away triumph of 2014 this evening when courtesy of a 3-2 win against Port Vale,Gills sealed their third straight home victory on Saturday

The Manager said he was delighted with the display in the first 70 minutes at the weekend, but insists things can change very quickly with so many teams eager for points.

Speaking to the club’s official website he said: “I think what’s nice about our performances at the moment is our energy and we have good quality at the right times.

“The three goals we scored were outstanding; one was a corner which we work on quite a lot. The other two started from early crosses, Bayo’s second goal was a fantastic cross by Bradley but also good play by Steven Gregory.

“If we can go and get a point or three at Stevenage that will help our long term future but they will be up for it, they had a rest on Saturday.

“John Mousinho has now re-signed for them so he will be all over the place I’m sure and it will be a difficult match.”

but is hoping his players learn the lessons from the closing stages.win over Vale,The Gills boss said he wasn’t too unhappy to have some negative things to learn from after the

He added: “If people use their hard earned cash to go and watch a football match they would have got value on Saturday.

“It wouldn’t have been complete pleasure because I think the first five minutes we weren't so clever and then for 60 minutes we played great.

“We then conceded a goal and we panicked so that was scary and too nervous at the end of the game. I think they would have got their money’s worth, I think they would have enjoyed the three goals we scored because they all had different qualities.

“In the end they probably said this is not the way to defend or control the game if you’re 3-1 up. Overall it was a very good performance and I was very pleased with that.

“A goal going against us does change things a little bit – we have spoken about it and hopefully we get to the situation that we can be 3-0 up in another game and if it goes to 3-1 we handle it a lot better.

“I’m quite happy that we can talk about some negative things as they are the things we can improve on.”

However Peter believes the first goal was a big factor on his players. Joe Pigott cleared an effort off the line which the assistant referee deemed to be a goal, however Taylor wasn’t so sure.

He said: “That’s where I’m a little bit disappointed because I think the Assistant Referee has guessed. It wouldn’t surprise me if the game had been 0-0 at that time he wouldn’t have given it.

“I’m not sure but the players do not feel it was in; Joe Pigott, who cleared it off the line, didn’t think it was in and he also didn’t think the assistant could have seen it because his back was in the way.

“I think it was a little bit of a guess and with something like that you have got to be 100% sure.

“I think both the substitutes that came on were really unlucky because all of a sudden we conceded the goal and our performance dipped massively so I don’t think anybody would have seen what Joe and Connor are capable of doing.

“I know what they are capable of doing which is the most important thing as I pick the team. I felt for them but they still worked hard for the team but unfortunately the last 20 minutes was the only disappointing time for Saturday.”

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