Gills striker reflects on Saturday's performance away at Colchester

Danny Kedwell said the Gills failed to cause Colchester enough problems on Saturday afternoon to get a result.

The hosts won the game 3-0, with all three goals coming in the second half, and Danny said the fans had a right to be disappointed at the end of the match.

He said: “We didn’t press them, they pressed us very well and it was more `win the ball back and try to attack from that. `

“We gave them too much space on the ball; we didn’t shut them down enough or quick enough.

“We will bounce back and that’s Football for you, you win games and lose games.

“We set out to beat Wolves and they [the fans] expect us to come here and beat teams like Colchester.

"They pay their money to support us and we need to show what we can do on the pitch and on Saturday we didn’t.

“When we did win the ball back we gave it straight back to them.”

Kedwell has been suffering with a hernia injury lately, and he hinted he may have to go ahead with an operation to get him back to full fitness.

He said: “In the last 10 minutes today I felt it and it’s the first time I have.

“I need to speak to the physio and go from there. I’ll have a rest on Sunday and see how it is Monday and if it’s still hurting I think I should go and have it done because obviously I’m not 100% to be playing and that’s not fair on the players, the manager and the fans.

“I don’t want to miss any games and that’s why I told them to cancel it. I want to carry on playing because I was enjoying my Football.

“Hopefully I can get fit for that [Swindon] and see how it goes. If my hernia is making me unable to walk I know I’ll need to get it done!”