Gills Community Trust show their support for Quit Smoking initiative

The GFC Community Trust has shown their support for an excellent health initiative developed by the A Better Medway team, to help people give up smoking. 

Smokers in Medway who successfully kicked the habit with help from the Stop Smoking Services have been rewarded with prizes donated from local businesses, including The Gills Trust.

Quitters were congratulated for going smoke free at a prize giving presentation and lunch gathering at Medway Council on Thursday, 8 May, where Head of Community Adam Lawrence was on hand to present the prizes.  Adam commented:

“The people in the room today really have something to be proud of by giving up smoking, and deserve the prizes they’ve received.  The Better Medway team have a fantastic set of services including the Stop Smoking services, and we are delighted that we can support their excellent work.”

Winner of one of the prizes and successful quitter Sandra said: “I was becoming ill regularly with pneumonia and bronchitis and so I decided enough is enough. 

"I had smoked for 30 years and with help from the Stop Smoking Service I have been smoke free for three months now, and I can’t believe I’ve done it.  I really benefited from one to one sessions when I was feeling low, and I would come away feeling positive.“

For more information about the stop smoking service visit