The Girls Academy take to Upchurch Golf Club as part of their current unit of assessment

As part of the Girls Academy Further Education course partnered with Bexley College the students are required to complete a range of units which involve an understanding of other sports, team and individuals.

So on 6th November our Girls Academy group were taken to Upchurch River Valley Golf Course to use the driving range and the putting green. This was a part of their current unit; Technical & Tactical Skills.

As part of the day they had to analyse the different technical and tactical skills used for two different aspects of golf; the long game, driving, where they had to consider the technique of their shot and take into consideration the weather conditions.

In addition the explored the short game, putting, thinking about the weight and accuracy of their shot. 

Girls Academy and Centre of Excellence player Maddie North said, “The day was great, it helped me with ideas of what to include in my assessments."

Gillingham Ladies Manager, Simon Ratcliffe, was also present to demonstrate his ability in sport and stated that he was “surprised with how quickly some of the girls took to the driving range considering it was the first time they had picked up a club."

Overall everybody had a great day and a big thank you to Upchurch River Valley Golf Course for allowing our Further Education group to use the equipment and facilities.