Show your Support to the 2014 Movember Campaign

Movember is reaching out to the football community to grow a moustache for men’s health and clubs at all levels around the UK from the park to the Premier League are backing the campaign. 
Locally grown moustaches were once a common occurrence on football pitches up and down the country. A team without a moustachioed talisman was a rarity and many were born and bred in their hometown.
Movember aims to celebrate those golden times and relish the sight of real men with real moustaches gracing the pitches of the UK once more. 

Players and supporters can still be heroes on and off the pitch through the power of their upper lips and locally grown moustaches.

Man-made and changing the face of men’s health.  Made in Movember and making a real difference to men’s lives. Now.
Movember has raised £345m for men’s health over the last ten years and has been responsible for over 850 initiatives concerned with prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s mental health.
In the UK, through collaboration with our health partners Prostate Cancer UK and the Institute of Cancer Research, coupled with direct funding from the Movember foundation, Movember are committed to accelerating outcomes in key areas of men’s health and this year, for the first time, is also raising funds for men’s mental health in the UK.
Whether you’re a fan or a player, support your local moustaches this Movember.
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