Peter Taylor talks to the media following the 0-0 draw against Oldham at Boundary Park

Peter Taylor said he was pleased to pick up a point against Oldham on Saturday but believes his players can produce a lot more.

Gillingham clinched their first point away from home this season following a 0-0 draw at Boundary Park, but the Manager wasn’t particularly happy with the performance.

He said: “I’m not so sure we deserved a point but the only thing I would say was that, to me, when Oldham had good chances it was from our mistakes, but overall our work rate was very good.

“But our passing and calmness on the ball was very poor and I think that’s why we defended too much in the game.

"When eventually we got a couple of passes right then I felt as though we could go and score a goal but there wasn’t enough of that.

“I just know the standards of the players the way they have set themselves recently and that wasn’t a good standard today.

“Football is very unpredictable; yes I’m frustrated with the performance because we are a lot better than that but if I was frustrated with the performance because of lack of work rate then that would be even worse.

“It wasn’t a case of that but I just felt too many players made some bad mistakes and lost the ball in bad areas.”

Peter was asked how different a feeling it was to pick up a point following a comparatively poor display, when an encouraging performance was rewarded with nothing at Coventry last week.

He replied: “Well that’s Football, that’s why me and you have never won the pools because you just can’t predict it.

“I’m probably more disappointed with our performance today but we got a point away from home against a team we hardly ever get a point against away from home, so in that respect I’ve got to be pleased.”