Gills defender Josh Hare will miss the rest of the season with a knee injury

Josh Hare has been ruled out for the rest of the season after rupturing his knee ligaments.

Hare, 20, recently started against Crewe in the Gills first team fixture at the Alexandra Stadium, but following a development fixture two days later against MK Dons, the right back was sent for a scan after an innocuous movement which didn’t involve another player.

His results were given to the club’s medical staff on Monday, and Darren Hare revealed the extent of the problem.

He said: “Josh has ruptured his knee ligaments so you’re talking six weeks convalescence on crutches and then maybe two-and-a-half months to three months of rehab so I would think he would be back at the beginning of June ready for pre-season.

“He’s obviously disappointed but that’s Football and that can happen. It will be a challenge but I’m sure he will give it a good go, it was bad luck and it was no-one’s fault as he was on his own.

“The consultant actually said he had never seen that injury happen like that without doing any other damage and it’s extremely rare to damage that ligament in isolation.

“He’s out of contract so that will be a question for the new Manager. “

As for early team news ahead of Saturday’s game, Darren hinted Joe Martin could be in contention depending on how he trains.

He added: “He looks like he could be in contention but whether we put him straight back in the team or not is something we need to discuss.

“He’s an experienced player and has done well so far this season – it’s a small grade one calf strain but they can be quite tricky, especially at this time of year with pitches getting heavier.

"That can easily manifest itself into a grade two or grade three which puts him out for a long time.

“It depends how he trains Thursday. Linganzi has a chance of training too and he could feature in the Kent Senior Cup, he’s closer than Aaron Morris who is two or three weeks away.”

Josh Hare joins Callum Davies (ankle), Aaron Millbank (knee), and Jack Sellens (leg) who will also miss the rest of the season.