The Community Trust recently attended a Year 9 Careers Day at Stationers Crown Woods Academy.

We were invited by Louisa Felsted from the Leigh's Academy Trust in partnership with Emma Smith from Stationers Crown Woods academy to take part in their Year 9 careers day held at the Stationers Crown Woods Academy School in Eltham. 

We spoke about the job opportunities at the Gillingham FC Community Trust in specific the Sports Teaching Apprenticeship Programme throughout Kent. The information given to the students was very well taken where Freddie Wilson and Jay Scally delivered a presentation speaking of all aspects of the Apprenticeship Programme, the successful NCS programme and amongst others the important part of the DWP programme. 

The importance of volunteering was put across to all students at the Academy and already a few students are starting to volunteer in preparation for University, College or if successful becoming a sports teaching assistant. With the Leigh's Academy Trust and Gillingham FC teaming up to find placements at Primary Schools under the Community Trust umbrella and with the recruitment process in partnership with the secondary schools, let's hope we can assist in making a few Leigh's Academy Trust students the future GFC CT apprentices. 

Quote from Emma Smith at Stationers Crown Woods Academy

"I would like to add what an amazing opportunity this is for our students and thank you for offering your time and support."

To find out more about our Apprenticeship programme please click here or contact Freddie Wilson, or 01634 350125.