Pre-season training continues with three-hour session undertaken by the Royal Army Physical Training Corps.

Justin Edinburgh's first-team squad continued their tough pre-season schedule under the watchful eye of the Royal Engineers in Brompton on Friday.

Following a gruelling triple session on Thursday, the players undertook a series of challenging physical and mental conditioning exercises at the highly-respected group's base.

Latest signings Scott Wagstaff and Joe Quigley joined their team-mates for the three-hour session, their last prior to next week's training camp in French seaside town Le Touquet. 

“We set up a session over four different events: a superstars competition made up of 10 circuits, combat conditioning, obstacle course and command tasks,” said Staff Sergeant Tony Richardson MBE of the Royal Army Physical Training Corps. 

“The aims were to test their physical and mental strength off the back of an already-challenging week on the training ground.

“The various challenges will help them with their core stability, endurance and muscle strength. Their results were very good, but you wouldn't expect anything less from a group of professional footballers.”

For the superstars challenge, Edinburgh's players were split into teams of five. Each squad sought to complete the most reps at the press-up, Russian twist, 10kg squats, 20kg shoulder press, medicine ball sit-up, burpees, tricep dips and platform jump stations, as well as the greatest distance on the rowing machines and Wattbikes. 

The winners were Stuart Nelson's team, comprising Josh Wright, Mark Byrne, Joe Quigley and Deji Oshilaja.

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