Community Trust Apprenticeship Co-ordinator, Freddie Wilson catches up with one of our young Apprentices, James Hare about his time as an apprentice at Fairview Primary School in Rainham.

Why did you choose to pursue a Teaching Assistant and Sport Coach apprenticeship with Gillingham FC Trust?
"I saw it as a great opportunity to coach and teach young children and help them to progress through sport at school."

What part of the apprenticeship programme gives you the most satisfaction?
"I really enjoy working with the children and seeing them develop and improve with every session we do. It’s also really satisfying to see them enjoying the sessions and wanting to do more physical activities, whether at or outside of school."

What do you hope to achieve during your apprenticeship?
"I’m aiming to progress and improve my teaching skills and gain more experience teaching and coaching."

What would you like to achieve after the apprenticeship?
"I would like to become a qualified PE teacher." 

How do you feel about your placement at Fairview Community School?
"I’m really happy and the pupils and staff have made me feel extremely welcome and I definitely feel part of the team. The pupils have taken to my work really well and they make every day enjoyable."

How do you feel about the role GFC Community Trust play within your apprenticeship?
"They provide great support in all aspects of my apprenticeship; they also provide great advice for me regarding the teaching aspect and are always there to talk to if needed and again have made me feel part of the team."

What are your roles and responsibilities within GFC Community Trust?
"My main role is to act as a role model to the young children and help them to improve their social skills, engage with their work and to help them fell more confident at school."

How do you feel about the role GFC Community Trust play within their local community?
"The Trust play a very important role in the community and offer a whole host of activities to allow children of all abilities to get involved in both football, education and of course the football club."  

What skills do you feel you have improved since beginning your apprenticeship?
"My communication skills have improved massively since I have started along with my confidence in terms of delivering PE lessons in front of large groups."

What programmes or activities have you started within your school since you became an apprentice?
"I have delivered many after school clubs and lunchtime clubs and I’m helping to start a Girls Only session and hopefully progressing into forming a team. I also work one to one with a few children to provide them extra support as they have a physical or mental disability and also are low in confidence and self-esteem as well as providing the class teacher additional support to help with the behaviour of young children. I really enjoy delivering PE lessons to all of the classes."

To find out more about our Apprenticeship Programme please click here or contact Freddie Wilson, or 01634 350125.