Our second Half-time Shoot-out Semi-Final of the season saw St Margaret’s COE Junior School take on St Margaret’s at Troy Town COE Primary School during our game against Shrewsbury FC.

Both schools arrived with 6 players eager to do well and advance to the final. Whilst the minutes of the match, between Gills and Shrewsbury, were trickling down to half-time both schools were making sure they all new the rules, were dressed in their schools kit and knew the order of penalty takers.

Once the half-time whistle went both schools were lined up down the tunnel and walked onto the Priestfield pitch, whilst the GFC gems were performing. Both schools had a warm-up, consisting of passing, kick ups and catching practice, with help from the Community Trust coaches. As soon as the GFC Gems performance was finished the Half-time Shoot-out got underway.

The players had seven seconds to score from the edge of the D and could choose to dribble and shoot or simply fire one at goal. The keepers were allowed to move off their line as soon as the whistle sounded and put the striker under pressure meaning that they both had to think and act fast. 

Both teams started strong scoring their first three penalties, however St Margaret’s missed their next as the keeper pulled off a wonderful stop and Troy Town tucked away their fourth penalty. A fine save from the St Margaret’s keeper denied the last penalty taker for Troy Town and with St Margaret’s scoring their last the tie went to sudden death. 

The Troy Town keeper stepped up first and confidently slotted his home to pile the pressure on his opposite number and he remained calm and did just enough to stop the St Margaret’s keeper and secure the win for Troy Town. 

Congratulations to St Margaret’s at Troy Town and thank you to both schools for taking part in this seasons Half-time Shoot-out.

Next up is the final and will see St Margaret’s at Troy Town take on reigning Champions Featherby Junior School this Sunday when the Gills take on Millwall in the last game of the season, good luck to both teams.