An exciting traineeship position has become available in Gillingham Football Club’s Community Trust.

If you are looking to learn new skills and gain valuable qualifications in the sporting world that will support you on your career pathway, this traineeship is for you.  

As part of the GFC Community Trust traineeship, we will provide all candidates with a full 12-week educational programme aimed at preparing the potential candidates into the world of sports coaching and sports teaching. This will also include preparation for a working life qualification, known as level one or two in personal and social education. 

This will assist the candidates so, upon completion of the course, learners are prepared for future employment. The aim for all sign-ups will be for them to complete the traineeship and, through the GFC Community Trust, gain useful qualifications which will assist them in the future.

Completion of the Sports Teaching Assistant and Sports Coach Traineeship, plus the qualifications that successful applicants gained, and work experience within a school placement could open doors for the following:

•           Sports Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship within Gillingham Football Club Community Trust.*
•           Casual coaching role/ part-time employment.
•           Position on a full-time study programme within our Sports Teaching Assistant and Coaching Academy or further education course.
•           Potential apprenticeship within another organisation.
•           Temporary work within GFC Community Trust and the club as a whole.

*This is dependent on a partner school providing the funding and is not guaranteed.
To download the full traineeship description, click here.