Gills proud to show support for Rainbow laces campaign

GFC pull together to support LGBT community.

Gillingham FC joined the nation in supporting the rainbow laces campaign at The Medway Priestfield Stadium on Saturday November 24.

Gills captain Gabriel Zakuani wore a rainbow armband as EFL clubs stood together in the biggest show of LGBT support.

In a show of solidarity to support lesbian, gay, bi and transgender fans, selected players wore rainbow laces while our corner flags adopted rainbow colours.

Zakuani said: "As a club, and as the Captain, I am proud to support such a campaign. Football has a responsibility to increase awareness of the LGBT community and we will continue to help in any way we can."

Gillingham Ladies also took part in the Rainbow Laces Campaign.

Vicky Ashton-Jones said: “The campaign was very well supported by the Ladies team. Every single player wore the laces to show their support. Over the years of my playing career I’ve supported this campaign and seen it grow every year as well acceptance of the LGBT community.

"The girls set an amazing example; they understand that their involvement in the campaign plays a part in raising awareness and acceptance.

“The Stonewall and Rainbow Laces campaign is continuing to raise awareness in supporting the LGBT players and community. I think it’s helping the community, football fans as well as players themselves to accept that there are many LGBT players in the game and that these athletes should be treated no differently to any other player.

"That we all deserve the same respect and support as each other no matter what your sexual orientation is. It’s a part of modern day society and football has to play its part in supporting this campaign and supporting the LGBT community.”