Driving fundraiser challenge underway

Driving challenge begins at Priestfield.

Fundraiser Tim Crowley will be looking to complete a mammoth driving challenge this coming weekend to help raise money for a close friend and colleague who became critically ill with meningococcal sepsis and a rare strain of neisseria meningitis in January, resulting in double lower leg and finger amputation.

Greg Keating, an IT teacher at the Mascalls Academy, and a huge Gillingham supporter, requires upwards of £50,000 to pay for prosthetics.  

Tim has taken on the challenge of driving to every stadium that the Gills played at last season, which will take him four days and cover in excess of 1500 miles.

His journey began at the Medway Priestfield Stadium on Friday July 27, and he aims to be back at ME7 on Monday July 30 at approximately 9pm.

On Monday Tim brought his car to the stadium, which has been purchased and adapted especially for this challenge, where members of the playing and management staff signed the bonnet which may be auctioned off at a later date to raise further funds.

Tim, and the Football Club, would be grateful for any support received.

Any donations are greatly appreciated; Greg’s just giving page can be accessed below.