Club Statement | Pitch

Chairman announces that work is to be carried out on the pitch at Priestfield.

“As a result of concerns, which were apparent after the Burton and subsequent home games, to do with the playing surface, we called in professional advisers who, having gathered test analysis, came to the conclusion that the only way we could solve the problem was to completely replace the pitch.

“We have now found an appropriate pitch, which will be a hybrid pitch, that is to say a pitch that is partly plastic and part grass, and the whole job is going to cost in the region of £450,000.

“Whilst there are many things we could do with that money, it is quite clear that the pitch has to be replaced as it is affecting our performance and is actually becoming dangerous to play on.

“Given the time of season, obviously between games, we have to go with a hybrid pitch. There is one available in this country, which we have secured, and the cost has to be paid this month.

“The upside is that we will get a fantastic playing surface which will be ready and available for our first-team fixture against Southend on Saturday October 13.

“We will update supporters on the progress. At the same time as taking up the pitch we intend to do the drainage and the irrigation system, so we will have a pitch that we know will give us a good number of years as a top quality surface.

“Apologies to fans for the inconvenience insofar as the change of fixtures is concerned, but this is unavoidable and is in the best interests of the club and indeed the team going forward.”