Gaffer at the Weekend

Gaffer answers a few questions following Saturday's game at Kingsmeadow.

Q: Having had chance to reflect on yesterday's game, what is your overriding feeling?

A1: It is not often two managers see a game the same way but having listened to Glyn Hodges post match interview it has happened.

Wimbledon found a way to win and you have to give that team, and staff, credit. They withstood an onslaught for almost the entire game.

We simply cannot have that type of dominant display and not win. The reality is we made enough good chances to win four or five matches and we need to be better in that area.... it has been hurting us all season.

The lads gave me everything, and in fairness they always do.

Big, big decisions by the referee went against us with two clear penalties not being given and if we score one goal we possibly score four or five, but we must look at ourselves first.

Q: Created good chances, particularly in the first half. It just seemed to be one of those days where we were not going to get the rub of the green?

A2: I have always maintained you make your own luck but at the same time how a penalty is not awarded when Olly Lee is hauled down in the penalty is beyond me. Normally a good and consistent referee had a bad day, and in accordance we paid the price.

Q: Possibly our best performance away from home all season. Apart from being a bit more clinical I guess it was difficult to fault the players?

A3: The game is always won by who scores the most goals. The lads were brilliant apart from taking the clear chances we made.

Q: We take a break from the league now. What's the plan, preparation wise, this week for Doncaster?

A4: We have a host of injuries picked up from an exhausting past week for the players so I expect limited numbers in training and the medical room packed with players.

I would expect four or five of our lads to miss next weekend but I can update you all later in the week.

Q: A word on Barry Fuller who reached 500 league starts yesterday. Quite an achievement?

A5: Yes, a great achievement. He will, and should be, very proud but he needs to keep his levels of performance up now as he has Lee Hodson trying to grab his shirt.

Q: Over 600 fans made the trip to Kingsmeadow. The appreciation they showed at the end was proof in itself just how hard the players worked?

A6: The supporters knew yesterday how unlucky we were. They watched their team totally dominate the match and like me be so frustrated with a number of big decisions that for whatever reason go against us.

Two of the staff at Wimbledon played for me previously, great lads and their words to me at the end told me we were on the end of a smash and grab... ski masks come to mind!