Gaffer at the Weekend

Steve Evans answers a few questions following Gills win over Bolton.

Q1: Three points in the bank after Saturday's 5-0 win over Bolton. What aspects of the performance pleased you most?

A1: The lads could not win really in as far as if we won the game it was expected and if we lost it was tragic.

What pleased me the most was our passing and moving off the ball. The energy levels were superb and how the new lads fitted in was also great to see.

The biggest winner of all was Football; Bolton Wanderers Football Club are alive and kicking, I certainly wish them every success.

Q2: Great to see Olly Lee net twice. He was that creative player you were after in the centre of midfield and has impressed from the word go?

A2: He is a top player who comes from a first class family.

Similar to Matty Willock, he has been brought up as a fine young man and he delivers a high standard on and off the pitch.

He needs minutes on the pitch now as he is somewhat behind the group, but he will play a huge part going forward. He creates and scores goals, two wonderful attributes for any player.

Q3: Tom O'Connor was very solid too at left-back. Not many fans will have seen him play apart from yesterday. What strengths will he the offer the team going forward?

A3: Tom can play anywhere on the left hand side of the pitch.

He has a superb left foot, is strong, mobile and is a winner for such a young player.

Q4: Matty Willock back in the mix too. He got the minutes you planned for him. Is it a case of easing him back in and gently increasing the matchday workload?

A4: The plan was for Matty to get 45 minutes and that's what he got.

He couldn't get himself into the game as much as he, or we wanted, but he will come on hugely.

The kid is top class and we need him firing on all cylinders for sure!

Q5: It was terrific to see around 740 Bolton fans yesterday considering the amount of uncertainty that has surrounded the very existence of their special club. Great news all round regarding their takeover and a club that means a lot to you?

A5: I started there as a young apprentice and will always hold a strong love for Bolton Wanderers.

They have a terrific history, a brilliant support and I have no doubt that the new owners will in time lead them back to the top level of English football, I wish them every success.

Q6: A quick word on Elliott List. You said you didn't want him to go but at the same time you didn't want to stand in his way if regular first-team Football was available?

A6: Listy is a great lad and has indeed played a part in all our games this season but he wanted to be starting matches on a weekly basis and that is not something I could guarantee given the options we have in the squad.

I would have loved him to stay and compete week in week out, but it was clear he wanted more.

He has joined a good club in Stevenage and I really hope he smashes it in League 2.

Q7: Transfer deadline is tomorrow. Hoping to have a couple more bodies walk through the door?

A7: Last night, today and tomorrow morning is very much about exploring every opportunity we have to improve the squad.

We cannot, indeed we will not, add players for the sake of making a signing or two.

The fact is the Chairman and myself are working hard to get those lads in, but it is not easy.

We have a bottom four budget for League 1 so there lays further challenges as we must always balance the budget numbers.

Q8: Just finally, Colchester come to Kent in the Trophy on Tuesday. Will you make changes for that one with Tranmere also on the horizon?

A8: Yes, there will be significant changes. Do not get me wrong, we want to win but there are other priorities that come first.

I would like to finish by thanking our supporters for the magnificent backing they gave the team yesterday. It means so much to all of us.... we hope you enjoyed the result and quality of football but there is so much more to come from this squad of young men.