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Gaffer launches prize giveaway quiz

Manager Steve Evans is digging into his own pocket to put a range of special prizes on offer, including a pair of England tickets, as part of a superb competition for Gills supporters.

1 April 2020

Club quiz to start on Friday afternoon.

Over the next week or so the club will pick, at random, six season ticket holders.

Starting on Friday, at approximately 3pm, a member of the club’s staff will make a phone call to one of these fans and, provided they answer, they will then have the chance to win a prize if they answer a random Gills trivia question correctly.

Prizes include a pair of theatre tickets for a show in London, and two tickets for a home England international.

If they do not answer, a “reserve” number will then be called, who will have the opportunity to win the prize instead.

If neither answer, or the question is answered incorrectly, the prize rolls over to the Saturday where our next caller has the chance to win two prizes.
















Rules/Terms and Conditions:


  • In the event someone doesn’t answer their phone, a reserve number will then be called (a reserve will be in place each day) who will have the chance to win a prize instead. If they don’t answer either, the prizes are rolled over to the next day. So, for example, if both the main number and reserve number do not answer on the Friday, the main number on Saturday could win two prizes. If they do not answer then the reserve will have the same chance. If the main number gets the question wrong, the prize rolls over to the Sunday.
  • The call will be from a withheld number and the call will be made between 3pm and 3.30pm between Friday April 3 and Thursday April 8.
  • The numbers picked have been chosen completely at random from those who have signed up to be a season ticket holder next season.
  • There are ten questions to pick from; the caller will pick a number and the first answer has to be taken.
  • All calls will be videoed for our social media pages.
  • Each number will only be called once. The rules will be explained prior to the supporter picking their question.
  • As and when a question is answered correctly, the supporter will immediately have a choice of prizes to choose from.
  • On Wednesday we will be asking all fans to nominate somebody who, they feel, should be in with a chance of winning at least one prize. This person does not necessarilly need to be a season ticket holder. Nominations need to be sent to @TheGillsFC suggesting why that person should be picked, and the Gaffer will choose one on Thursday morning before a call is made.


Any remaining prizes at the end of the competition will be held for a future initiative.


The prizes on offer are as follows:


A pair of tickets for a theatre show in London (show TBC)


A pair of England tickets for a home international (fixture TBC)


A signed Gillingham shirt (2019/20 season)

A signed Football (2019/20 season)

2 x WWD offerings (for two) for a home league fixture next season

Watch a first-team training session at Beechings Cross before enjoying lunch at MEMS Priestfield Stadium with the players (two people).

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