Martin on the cup draw and Red, White and Blue Day

Good Afternoon.

What a great cup draw we've got. Without a shadow of a doubt we will have some fun up there!

The lads have trained well this morning and they are ready to go again.

I believe there is another special offer on for our season ticket holders to grab a granny or grab a mate and bring them to the game.

The second half atmosphere on Saturday as our players attacked the Number 13 squad number, the Rainham End, was electric.

The first half was a bit of a battle but it was always going to be when  a team with a new manager but we got through that bit and then put on a proper performance for the red, white and blue.

I am pleased to announce the winner of the red, white and blue supporter competition for Saturday was myself.

I have won a signed shirt which I will keep forever as I know, come April, the shirt will be very valuable and be part of the history of this football club.

I think you all know what I mean.

Bradley Dack’s injury is a bit confusing. It’s good news, the ligaments are not damaged but it could possibly be a metatarsal injury, but I doubt it.

My injury from falling down three flights of stairs in the dugout is several cuts and bruises and a huge embarrassment.

Special thanks to all of those supporters around the technical area that laughed at me with such energy and enthusiasm.

I look forward to seeing and hearing our supporters tomorrow evening.

Take Care