Frampton calls on squad to seize opportunity...

Andy Frampton says the opportunity the players have to achieve something positive this season is one that all members of the squad should grab with both hands.

Frampton has been playing in a holding midfield position of late and has impressed in the games he has played, and says it’s a position he’s enjoying playing in.

He said: “Being a defender by trade through the majority of my career you never would of dreamt being in that kind position but it’s been very enjoyable, I’ve enjoyed doing that role and long may it continue.

“We don’t want to leave ourselves too open at the back and it’s a kind of safety net maybe for the two centre-halves to have a bit of cover.

“You get a lot of consistency by doing that [keeping the same back five] and the results have shown in previous weeks that it has kept us quite solid.”

Frampton praised the efforts of the squad during their stay in Yorkshire, and brushed off claims that the side are not playing as well as they have been considering where they are in the league table.

He said: “I don’t know where people get all of their information from or what they are looking at but it goes to prove our results and the amount of points we accumulated over the month have put us in a strong position and we are enjoying being in the right part of the table.

“Our record on the road has been very good but to go up there with two tricky games and come away with four points was very pleasing.

“It’s a great atmosphere in the team throughout all the players, everyone is pushing each other and that’s a perfect recipe for success. Hopefully it carries us through until the end of the season and we have players waiting in the wings to come in when needed.”

Andy said the squad need to take their chance of promotion with both hands as the business end of the season approaches.

He added: “Sometimes it doesn’t come around too often in your careers but there are things to be grabbed and this is one we want to grab this with both hands and get over the line.”