Have you won a prize in our 50/50 lottery? Check out the numbers from our recent draws

Here is a round up of the latest 50/50 numbers from our recent matches here at Priestfield:

Gills v Leyton Orient – November 15, 2014

1st prize: 404294  £500  Mr Tucker
2nd prize: 404309  Signed Shirt (Unclaimed)
3rd prize: 405709  Signed Football Mr. Thorpe Chatham
4th prize: 404397  Goody Bag

Gills v Port Vale – November 29, 2014

1st Prize: 403740  £500  Graham Holloway, Rochester
2nd Prize: 403256  Signed Shirt  I. Hammond, Strood
3rd Prize: 405607  Signed Football 
4th Prize: 409418  Goody Bag  Jack Riches, Ditton

Gills v Chesterfield – December 20, 2014

1st Prize: 404097  £500
2nd Prize: 410264  Signed Shirt
3rd Prize: 400576  Signed Football
4th Prize: 409831 Goody Bag

Gills v Bristol City – December 28, 2014

1st Prize: 408181 £500 David Ainsley
2nd Prize: 400661  Signed Shirt  Glenn Moore
3rd Prize: 367074  Signed Football  Toby Jones
4th Prize: 413831  Goody Bag  Unclaimed

Gills v Coventry City – January 17, 2015

1st Prize: 415373  £500 
2nd Prize: 406899  Signed Shirt
3rd Prize: 398835  Signed Football  Emily Brimelow
4th Prize: 415338  Goody Bag

To claim your prize for any of the above, or during a match itself, make yourself known to a steward or contact the club’s main reception on 01634 300000 on week days between 9am and 5pm.